#2505       20150712

July 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

   the warm breeze
Blowing up from
   “The Straits”
The sweet scented
   blend of
Forest, moss, ocean and baked pasture
Enhancing the
   view opening
   up as the
   clouds clear
on the top of Mount Grant.

Inspired by “The Campaign to Save Mount Grant”

#2502    20150510

May 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Seeing what someone
And doing it for them.
Thinking about what
   other people need
or will need
   and planning for it.
Trying to ensure
Where it is at risk.
Focused on being able
   to anticipate
   to the point of
And at ones’ personal
Mothering is caring.

#2501    20150214

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Signaling spring
     before the cherry blossoms
After the darkest
    of Winter’s cold
    wetness that
    seeps in at your
The frogs are already
    answering the
    call to serenade
    their lovers;
Thankful for another
    joyous reminder
    of what it all means.


#2500    20141214

December 15, 2014 § Leave a comment


The cornmeal waffle
     left from breakfast
Just over Violets’ head
     an edible Frisbee
Slow motion leaping
     Golden retriever laser focus
Jowls flapping open
     as her head
     meets the disc
Encircling its catch
And engulfing it;
Man’s best friend.

#2099    20091124 – revised

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Winter in the Pacific Northwest

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

     dark, cool
     dream states,
Suppressing the
     seeping in,
     cooling it
     with dampness
Numbing the nerves
     like an opiate
     the onset of hibernation
Soothing restful state
     Satisfying relaxation
     Overtaking slowly
     In waves
     Restorative —
         a candle lighting
         a room
         flickering slowly
         a wood trimmed cave
         with black windows
         and a stone hearth
         with a wood stove insert
         dying out
         dim coals orange
         shining through
         the soot of
         the doors
         shadows moving with the
         candle light —
The mind tempted to do
    While the body is separate
Movement will
    end the consuming stillness
    swaddling the moment with love;
Letting go.

20140918             #2498

September 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Twitching? Shivering?


But mostly still.  Sleeping?

On the very edge of the sidewalk

Facing the three story high wall of windows

This little Towhee must have crashed into.

I was able to easily pick Jerold up and place

him into an improvised cardboard box

But once the car was under way to the wildlife rescue center

Jerry had come to his senses.

You could hear him bouncing off the walls

Wings fluttering

But not a squeak or a chirp.

At the wildlife center he circled

The examination room

Like a champion at an


And when I released him 30 yards from

where I found him

He was gone in a flash.

Good luck, Jerry!

20140511            #2493

May 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

 Exalting in that
Thread of animal feminine –
       that half of all living things
       which links all creatures,
All people
Selflessly, privately
Building, conserving
Struggling to
       protect and nurture their brood,
       the next generation,
With the intimate, civilized
       intellect and communication skills
       of a saintly pacifist
Often drowned out in a world where
More than half does not seem to be listening;
I am your mother!